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Today was the bestest day ever!

Well, close enough anyway. I went into Chicago today to see the show "Midsummer Nights Dream" at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier. I was really's such an intimate theater and the audience is always apart of the show. It's so beatiful in there and they always have the most talented of people acting and the most amazing scenery. And not to mention the costumes! Anyway, I took the train in with my mother and since we were early mum decided to spend some money on me to take me clothes shopping. I got two pairs of pants and a duster...I always wanted one and now I have one! I feel like a real hippie...but I'll keep shaving my airpits, don't worry.
After that we walked to Navy Pier. The distance between Navy Pier and Union Station is 8 miles! I didn't know that...but it was fun, I just love being in Chicago. Then we got to the Pier, and i dragged my mother as fast as we could up the stairs to the theater itself, just to find out the doors weren't open yet. So we went up to get our tickets that we reserved, and since we didn't get the tickets till a few weeks before the show I thought we would have balcony tickets. WRONG! Dead wrong. We had front row tickets, and I was right next to the middle aisle where alot of the entrences and exits are made. So I was excited, and they finally opened the doors and I practically bounced into my seat. I was sitting there trying to kill time when this lady named Cathy walked up to me...she worked at the theater. She asked me if I was Ashley Davis, and i said yes. She said, "I just wanted to say hi, you sounded really nice on the phone when we talked earlier!" and we started talking Shakespeare. She asked how many shows I saw at the Shakespeare theater and I said ...uh...eleven. She asked which one was my favorite and I said any with Timothy Gregory! She laughed and said that he was rehearsing earlier that day for "Love's Labors Lost" and said that if I write him a note she'd give it to him. So I did...and she's going to give it to him! *bounces*
Then the show started...I was impressed by everything, but I was blown out of the water when Puck made his entrance. He emerged from a hole in the floor of the stage, and his costume was awsome. Bright orange and black pants, orange high top sneakers, no shirt *hubba hubba!* and this huge orange wig with antenna on his head! Then he started was just freestyle but it really expressed the youthfullness in Puck's character. Plus the guy was hot :) Anyway, the show was awsome, some highlights was when Puck pulled out a remote control and winked at me (I winked right back) and when he made one of his exits out through the middle aisle he turned and did a pelvic thrust thing right in my face and made a funny face...I was cracking up laughing. But the best part was when Puck had just turned Bottom back into a human, and he had the donkey's hat in his hand. He was then taking pictures of Bottom and Titania with a small silver camera. THen he exited out the middle aisle, but he stopped, turned, put the donkey hat on my head, then took a picture of me with the donkey hat on! I was crying I was laughing so hard.
When the cast took their curtain call, I was the only one who gave Puck a standing ovation. Hmmmmmm...I was also the only one to give Mistoffelees a standing ovation...I think I just became a Puck groupie. Anyway, during the post show discusion I turned around...and guess who was 2 rows behind me? ERIC! My bestest friend in the whole world! I totally flipped, it was so cool seeing him there. I missed him! So afterwards we had lunch and hung out at Navy Pier till his parents dragged him away. :( I guess that's what parents are for.

OH, and Eric? I asked for a copy of the picture that Puck took of me, but they sadly informed me that there was no film in it. But I actually got to talk to Jason, who played Puck! He gave me his e-mail so we could keep in touch, and I'd promise I'd go see his show again. He said as long as I sat in the front row he would still pick on me, and I said don't worry, I love being the center of attention! I'd rather be onstage with you guys. He laughed. He's got a cute laugh. So I'm going to go see Jason again next week! *bounces around*
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