Eric (strangelove14) wrote in niutheatrecamp,

So, this is my first post....

I decided I'll just post that e-mail that I sent everyone...I think it says what I feel very well.

"Hi. Another week at camp is over for me. In just one week, some much has happened to me, and I've felt so many feelings. Sometimes joy, sometimes disgust (with the food, of course), plenty of love, lots of hope, and very rarely lonely. In just one week, thanks to all of you, I've grown more as a person than I have in the last year. In just one week, my entire view of the world has changed. And after such a wonderful, all too short week, I feel like a new person, with a new chance to start over again. Thank you all for making me feel this way. Thank you for listening to me, for talking to me, and for caring about me. Thanks for making me feel like a rock star, and thanks for all the hugs. You are my best friends, and I love you all. I will miss you."
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